How to Carrier Check your iPhone Using IMEI Number (Totally Free)

If you need more information about your iPhone, then you are in the right place. The reports from iPhone Carrier Check can be very important when you buy a used iPhone or plan to unlock it before traveling abroad. If you do some Google search, you should find tons of iPhone carrier checkers, but these guys may be unscrupulous sellers who try to offer fake IMEI checker services with hidden additional costs.

While the risk of scams cannot be completely eliminated, you can minimize it. With our guide and trusted iPhone Carrier Checker provided by, you can make sure that you will never fall for a scam.

An IMEI number reveals a lot of things about your iPhone, including Carrier Lock, Sim Lock, Find My iPhone, and more. At, you can Carrier Check your iPhone for free without any hidden charges or software downloads. All it take is your IMEI number.

iPhone Carrier Checker at iPhoneIMEI

At, you can get all information about your iPhone in one clear report in just one click. Just simply enter your IMEI number and you are good to go. However, keep in mind that an IMEI check not only displays your Carrier Lock but also your Find My iPhone status, and SIM Lock status.

iPhone Simlock status

When you perform iPhone Carrier Check at iPhoneIMEI, you should see your device Simlock status. This tells if your iPhone is currently locked to a network or not. If it says “locked”, you are stuck with a single network and you won’t be able to switch network. In this case, you need to unlock your iPhone for use with another network. If it says “unlocked”, you are free to use any SIM card with your iPhone.

Find My iPhone Status

An IMEI check also reveals your Find My iPhone Status. Getting to know your Find My iPhone Status is very important if you plan to sell your iPhone or buy a second-hand Apple device. Keeping Find My iPhone turned on means an iPhone is still linked to its previous owner’s iCloud. In other words, it is iCloud locked and you cannot use it until you unlock it.

If your Find My iPhone status says “On”, then Activation Lock is now enabled. If this is the case for you, don’t worry, iPhoneIMEI offers an option to iCloud Unlock your device at an affordable price. All you need to do is to click on the blue iCloud unlock option next to the “On” status.

How to Carrier Check your iPhone at provides a free Carrier Check for your iPhone. The procedure is so simple. At first, you head over to this link, then enter your IMEI number, and proceed with hitting the Check my IMEI button. The wait is no more, as you get iPhone Carrier Check report instantly for FREE.

However, the free Carrier Checker is limited to one IMEI check per day. If you want to do multiple check on your devices, then upgrade to iPhone Premium Checker for only $1.99. To do this, go to the Premium Check page, then enter your IMEI number, and hit the Check Now button.  On the next page, provide your email number and proceed to the checkout.

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