How Disney’s ‘real’ lightsaber patent actually works

Josh D’Amaro (Instagram)

A real lightsaber. How is that possible?

It’s probably not, of course. But when Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro ended his April 8th presentation by whipping out a never-before-seen retractable lightsaber — no video evidence, mind — Disney and Star Wars fans went wild online. Speculation ran rampant, much of it pointing to a 2018 patent for a “Sword device with retractable, internally illuminated blade.” I pored through that patent late that evening, and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to show Verge readers how it works ever since. Heck, I even ordered a pair of LED slap bracelets that have yet to arrive.

But it looks like I won’t need them, because VR developer Ben Ridout has already done better, brilliantly illuminating…

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