How Augmented Reality Is Helping Workers In The Cement Industry

In the cement industry, production takes place where natural limestone deposits are found. the base material is crushed, ground, homogenized, calcined, and fired at 1,500 °C. Therefore, the construction sites are noisy, dusty and, can be very hot or frosty.

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thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions deployed polysius® connect solution based on oculavis SHARE to provide efficient remote assistance and ensure that machine and plant downtimes are minimized. The fact that machine-related challenges can be mastered remotely with a professional Augmented Reality platform like oculavis SHARE was quickly recognized by skilled workers and managers.

The integration of oculavis SHARE provided a huge advantage. Customers benefitted from fast service by reducing valuable downtimes of machinery and equipment and minimizing costs (e.g. travel expenses for flight, hotel, etc.), writes Daniel Mirbach in oculavis.

Confidence led to more complex use cases

Polysius connect was rolled out for further use cases in the life cycle of complex plants. The machine-related processes assisted with remote service to:

  • Support for commissioning with regional offices,
  • Preparation of inspections for upcoming repair and maintenance work,
  • Guidance in preventive maintenance activities to ensure the availability of the production plant or to maintain the manufacturing process,
  • Consulting and realization of plant optimizations to alternative fuels and combustion processes in order to reduce CO2 emissions,
  • identification of spare parts in order to be able to supply customers optimally at short notice
A worker wearing an AR headset

Freedom in the selection of hardware

For live support with customers, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions does not use smart glasses exclusively. If the customer does not have one at hand, he simply takes a smartphone or tablet to use oculavis SHARE. The purely voice-controlled RealWear HMT-1 smart glasses are utilized. The HMT-1 is IP66 waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and temperature-resistant. The high-resolution camera, active noise canceling, and long battery life are optimally supported by the smart glasses app optimized by oculavis. The biggest benefits are hands-free working and the free field of vision so that the contact to the environment is not affected, according to the oculavis report.

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Breaking new ground in service and showing attitude towards customers

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions demonstrated its attitude and ability to act amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Processes and structures that existed before the crisis were questioned, redesigned and an innovative path was taken in service through the implementation of oculavis SHARE. The cement technologies business unit gains a competitive advantage by having not only a quick helper with remote service in times of need, but also a solution that reduces plant downtimes, increases the first-time-fix rate, and generates new revenues in sales in the long term. And less traveling also contributes to climate-neutral cement production by 2050.

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