Honor 60 Pro Rendering: Snapdragon 895, 100W Fast Charge

After the Honor mobile phone leaks away from Huawei, it has begun to exert force. For example, the upcoming Honor Magic 3 series is a brand new model that Honor will hit the ranks of top flagship mobile phones. In fact, although the Honor mobile phone is separated from Huawei, the foundation of its industrial design capabilities is not weak. Both quality control and R&D capabilities are very strong. After the release of the Honor 50 series mobile phones, it is very popular with consumers. As the successor of the Honor 50 model, what kind of design will the Honor 60 Pro adopt?

When netizens sent me the renderings of the Honor 60Pro, I was overwhelmed after reading it. The design of the Honor 60 Pro is extremely subversive, because the upper frame and the back of the fuselage of the Honor 60 Pro are all canceled, and transparent glass is used instead. In other words, the screen of the Honor 60 Pro is also the body. When the screen is not lit, the screen of the Honor 60Pro is transparent, and when the screen is in use, the screen of the Honor 60Pro is lit and can display Content and can be touched operation.

This rendering of the Honor 60 Pro is a picture design on the back of the phone. From the picture, you can see that the screen of the Honor 60Pro is not lit. Whether it is viewed from the front of the screen or from the back of the screen, the Honor 60Pro of the Honor 60Pro is transparent. , And you can see everything on the opposite side of the fuselage through the screen.

The body design concept of the Honor 60 Pro is to connect a screen and the base. The base of the Honor 60 Pro is made of opaque metal material, so you can see the wider opaque state of the bottom part of the Honor 60 Pro.

The front of the Honor 60Pro is designed with the Honor logo, but a smaller camera is designed on the back of the fuselage. It is said that the camera of the Honor 60Pro will continue to carry the 100 million pixel lens on the Honor 50 body. But unfortunately, there is only one camera on the Honor 60Pro body that can shoot, and there is no more way to take pictures. The Honor 60Pro’s solution of designing the camera at the bottom of the frame is very similar to the Xiaomi MIX2, but the Honor 60 Pro is more radical and only retains one camera.

The Honor 60Pro can keep the display content and status of the screen consistent with the traditional mobile phone screen display effect when the screen is on, and it will not become a transparent state. However, it is temporarily unclear how the internal components of the Honor 60Pro are designed. However, the hardware of the Honor 60 Pro will be equipped with the Snapdragon 895 processor, and a 12GB storage version will also be available for sale, and the storage specification will also be upgraded to 512GB.

The Honor 60 Pro is equipped with a brand-new graphene battery technology. This technology can upgrade the battery capacity of the Honor 60Pro to 5500 mAh, and it can also support 100W fast charging. Honor 60Pro’s upgrade of battery specifications, including battery fast charging technology, belongs to the first echelon of mobile phones. Of course, the Honor 60Pro battery uses a multi-pole and multi-cell design, so the battery charges quickly and is also very safe.

Personally, I feel that Honor 60Pro has the qualities of a top flagship mobile phone, both in appearance and in the design of hardware parameters. It has a transparent body design. The rear camera is designed at the bottom of the body and is equipped with a Snapdragon 895 processor. With a 100W fast charge, the overall performance of Honor 60Pro is particularly powerful.

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Do you think the transparent body design of Honor 60Pro is beautiful?

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