Honor 20 on sale with 90 percent buy-back guarantee in India

Huawei recently started promising 100 percent refunds in case Google Apps stop working on its devices within two years. In the wake of that, Honor is now offering 90 percent buyback guarantee on its new Honor 20 in India. The Honor 20 is starting at Rs 32,999. Interestingly, buyers will be able to pick up the device and use it for up to 90 days max. After that, they can return it back under the offer, no questions asked.

Honor risking a flagship device

There are several reasons Honor is doing this on a brand new flagship device. For one, the US trade ban has resulted in Google pulling back the Android License of Huawei (including Honor) and this buyback guarantee will give users peace of mind to a certain extent. Although, Huawei recently said it will be rolling out Android Q updates to many phones including the Honor 20. to Huawei and Honor phones.

honor 20

Furthermore, there’s a glimmer of hope that the trade ban might be reversed in the near future. As the US is under pressure from US conglomerates like Qualcomm and even Google for whom Huawei is a big business partner.

For now, this buyback deal looks like a good way to retain customers.