Hongmeng OS – Gets trademarked in many countries


After the heated US-China trade war, an independent OS developed by Huawei is not a surprise at all. Its new OS is labelled as “HongMeng” OS in China and “Ark” or “Oak” OS across the world. In order to accelerate the release, the company did submit an application for a trademark for this system. August 2018 saw a HongMeng registration by Huawei as a trademark in the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office of China. Huawei received the confirmation of approval of the trademark on May 14, 2019.

HongMeng Trademark

The legal process didn’t just halt in China. According to reports, Huawei had submitted the “HongMeng” trademark application in the intellectual property organizations in many countries around the world. Some of the listed countries include:

  • Canada,
  • Mexico,
  • Spain,
  • South Korea,
  • Australia,
  • New Zealand,
  • Peru,
  • Turkey,
  • The Philippines, and some other European countries.hongmeng

In addition, the registration information shows that the “operating system” supports a variety of platforms. Different platforms including laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, wearables, and IoT. It is worth noting that Google has adviced the US government against excluding Huawei from using the Android System.