Here’s why you can’t use the Siri Remote’s best feature on Disney Plus and other apps

The redesigned Siri Remote for Apple TV. | Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Apple’s new Siri Remote introduced a gesture that makes it easy to scrub through content by turning the control pad into a scroll wheel. But a number of Apple TV users noticed that the feature doesn’t work properly on some services, like HBO Max, or at all on others, like Disney Plus.

A spokesperson for Disney Plus confirmed to The Verge that the feature — one of the best on the redesigned Siri Remote — isn’t supported on its service. It’s not a service issue, though, but instead related to custom video players.

Some streaming apps available on Apple TV use their own players, while others use the tvOS media player. The jogging gesture works with streaming apps that use Apple’s native media player, but it is not yet supported for…

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