Here’s how the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 compares to the Google Pixel Fold

Samsung Z Fold 5 shown standing upright unfolded and folded with outer screen exposed.
Admit it: this picture could show a Galaxy Z Fold 4, and we probably wouldn’t be able to tell. | Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge

It just wouldn’t be hot foldable summer without a new ultra-flagship entry from Samsung. This year, Samsung announced its new Galaxy Z Fold 5 at its Unpacked event, and the $1,799.99 phone looks a whole lot like previous Z Folds. In fact, it’s so similar to last year’s Z Fold 4 that the biggest change for the Fold 5 may be that it’s launching with a direct competitor here in the US in the form of the Google Pixel Fold.

It was only around one month ago that Google launched its debut folding phone, and while it’s proven a valiant first attempt with good cameras and a comfier outer screen, it still lacks a bit in the software optimization department. On the other hand, Samsung has been refining its Galaxy Fold line since it took that…

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