HD Renderings Expose New Design

German technology media WinFuture shared high-definition renderings of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro mobile phones and also provided pertinent information about the Pixel Watch 2.

The Pixel Watch 2 boasts a redesigned back housing three new sensors, and Google has exclusively used 100% aluminum for its construction.

Moreover, this smartwatch offers a choice of four color combinations: blue, black, beige, and green, and Google has introduced new Metal Slim and Active Sport bands for the Pixel Watch2.

In terms of features, the watch includes:

  1. A new heart rate sensor: The Pixel Watch2 will be equipped with Fitbit’s multi-path heart rate sensor, ensuring more accurate and stable heart rate measurements during intense exercise.
  2. Health features: Utilizing Fitbit’s stress management system, the Pixel Watch2 employs body response tracking to detect user stress. Users receive prompts to record their current mood and receive suggestions for intervention, such as guided breathing exercises or walking. Google uses input from continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA), heart rate variability, heart rate, and skin temperature to detect stress.
  3. Fitness features: Recognizing seven common sports, including running and outdoor cycling, the Pixel Watch 2 sends automatic workout start and stop reminders for these exercises. It also offers pace training to control the user’s pace.
  4. Security features: Google has enhanced security on the Pixel Watch2 with the introduction of “Safety Check.” Users can set timers for specific situations, and upon expiration, the watch prompts users to confirm their well-being or initiate sharing their location or contact emergency services. In the absence of a response, the watch activates “Emergency Share” to provide real-time location and situation updates to emergency contacts. Additionally, users can individually enable emergency sharing of their real-time location with specific contacts and share “medical information” with emergency services.
  5. Battery life: The Pixel Watch2 is reported to deliver 24 hours of battery life with the always-on display activated and can be fully charged in just 75 minutes. This battery life remains consistent with the original Pixel Watch.

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