Hades turns death into a chance to try something new


Image: Supergiant Games

In most games, death feels like a waste of time. That’s true whether I die because I fail to react quickly enough, don’t have the right gear, or am just outmatched by the challenge before me. But in Hades, a new roguelike from Bastion maker Supergiant Games, losing against a horde of enemies or a challenging boss in my attempts to escape the Underworld rarely feels like a waste of time.

When I die in Hades, it’s usually after an exhilarating battle where I tried an unproven strategy. Those strategies evolve organically thanks to the frequent but unpredictable power-ups given out during a run. Instead of finding that unpredictability as a limitation, though, I’ve found it freeing. It encourages me to test unproven combinations of powers…

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