GrandPad is a Tablet for Seniors, Priced at $79 a Month and Providing Simpler Technology

The population of Europe is slowly but surely aging, so there’s a large demand for products that cater to the needs of seniors. Those include tablets and smartphones and today we’ve come across the GrandPad, a $79 a month tablet designed for seniors over the age of 75.

This device is meant to help them connect with friends and family. It was designed by a father-son team looking for a way to stay in touch with granddad. The slate was showed off at CES 2021, along with a telehealth program meant for commercial use. GrandPad is a tablet designed with senors in mind, making technologies more accessible. The slate has everything preinstalled, so it’s ready to go out of the box. It has curated music streaming apps, brain games and Zoom for videocalls with loved ones.

The slate is also tweaked for the needs of the elderly, like eyesight loss, hearing loss and other impairments. Aside from the product, the company also provides a service. With an annual subscription, the GrandPad includes a private 4G network, that offers a secure experience, while also letting the user stay connected with certain contacts. There’s also 24/7 live support. Friends and family can access the network via a companion app, in order to share photos and videos to a loved one’s GrandPad’s tablet. The product has an 8 inch 1920 x 1200 pixel display, 32 GB of storage, a red sleeper case and a charging dock. There’s an USB-C port, audio jack, SIM card slot and two large front facing speakers.

The company behind this project sells the slate for $79 a month, which includes the tablet, the 4G network and 24/7 live support. There’s also an annual plan worth $696.

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