GPD WIN Max 2 (8840U) version of the handheld console opened pre-sale at 6,399 yuan, $888

Igeekphone April 9 news, GPD handheld AMD R7 8840U processor version WIN Max 2 has been opened in Jingdong pre-sale, pricing from 6,399 yuan, $888.

The official said that for the needs of light office users, the pre-sale still retains the low 7640U + 16GB + 1TB version. The price of Igeekphone is as follows:

7640U + 16GB + 1TB version retail 5899 yuan, pre-sale price 4,999 yuan

8840U + 32GB + 2TB version retail price 7999 yuan, pre-sale price 6,399 yuan

The 8840U + 64GB + 2TB version retails for 8999 yuan, and the pre-sale price is 7,399 yuan

AMD R7 8840U uses 8 core 16 threads, Rui frequency 5.1GHz, with Radeon 780M core display, can be seen as the R7 7840U vest model, but the NPU AI performance is a little stronger.

GPD WIN Max 2 (8840U) console configuration is as follows:

10.1-inch eye protection full screen, native horizontal screen, narrow border design, 10-point touch, support 4096 level pressure pen (MPP2.0 protocol);

6061 aluminum magnesium alloy body, CNC technology, all metal texture, back is aviation grade ABS synthetic resin;

AMD Ryzen 7 8040 series processor + RDNA3 architecture core display, LPDDR5x-7500 MT/s up to 64GB memory;

Integrated Oculink interface, effective bandwidth 63Gbps, compatible with “GPD G1” video card dock;

Hurricane intelligent heat dissipation, large turbofan, double heat pipe design;

The Hall rocker was introduced for the first time, and the mapped back key and linear trigger key were added.

Dual vibration motor, strength can be adjusted through built-in software (off, weak, strong);

Six-axis gyroscope, dedicated gyroscope setup software;

Magnetic rocker cover, can be stored design; Game console type and business notebook type freely change;

Full speed USB4 interface, support including “GPD G1” including video card dock;

4G LTE module optional, full Netcom;

Dual M.2 (PCIe 4.0 2280/2230) card slots, standard 1TB / 2TB M.2 NVMe 2280 SSD, no maximum capacity;

Built-in 4-channel intelligent power amplifier, 4 ultra-linear speakers, surround sound;

Keyboard backlight design, 2-speed brightness adjustment, 5 groups of working status indicators, precision trackpad;

Support SD and microSD memory cards;

Side boot, support fingerprint unlock;

Built-in 2 megapixel ultra-wide Angle camera, 118 degrees of view;

67Wh capacity battery, 3 hours of game life;

100W fast charge, half full in 20 minutes.

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