GPD Unveils WIN 2 Remake with Ryzen 7 7840U and 120Hz Display

GPD Handheld, in their recent announcement, unveiled the GPD WIN Mini, their latest handheld gaming product. Responding to numerous player requests, GPD introduced the “GPD WIN 2 Remake,” a handheld that inherits the design style of the WIN2 and boasts an impressive 6-fold increase in performance.

Emphasizing their commitment to handheld users, the GPD Handheld official stated, “We remain true to our original vision and will continue to support the clamshell handheld.” The device is set to undergo internal testing in early August.

Here are the key specifications mentioned in the official release:

Design and Dimensions: The GPD WIN Mini measures 168×109×26 mm and weighs 520g.

Display: The device features a 7-inch 120Hz high-refresh-rate gaming screen based on LTPS technology. It employs the sixth-generation Corning Gorilla Glass with AF+AR anti-reflection coating, providing a brightness of 500nit. The screen resolution is 1080P, offering 368PPI. The display incorporates DC dimming, ensuring a flicker-free experience.

Processor and Graphics: Powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U or Ryzen 5 7640U processor, the GPD WIN Mini includes an AMD Radeon 780M or 760M core display. The processor operates with a 15~30 TDP, and GPD claims the floating point performance exceeds that of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti.

Memory: Users can choose between LPDDR5-6400 MT/s 16GB or 32GB memory configurations.

Storage: The GPD WIN 2 Remake employs a PCIe Gen4 M.2 NVMe 2230 SSD, with storage options ranging from 512GB to 2TB.

Joystick: The device incorporates a built-in Hall small joystick with a hollow design. It supports L3, R3, stepless, and super linear functions and eliminates dead zones.

Connectivity: The GPD WIN Mini offers a variety of interfaces, including a high-bandwidth 40Gbps USB4 interface, which natively supports the Thunderbolt 3 protocol and enables connections to GPD G1 or third-party graphics docks. Additionally, it features an Oculink (SFF-8612) female port with a bandwidth of 63Gbps and a throughput of 7.877GB/s. A USB 3.2 Gen, 2 full-featured Type-C interface with a 10Gbps bandwidthsupports PD protocol fast charging. Moreover, it includes an SD 3.0 protocol MicroSD card reader device with A2-level I/O performance, providing theoretical read speeds of 160MB/s and write speeds of 120MB/s.

Battery: The handheld is powered by a 3.87V ultra-high density polymer lithium battery with a capacity of 44.24Wh.

Other Features: The GPD WIN Mini incorporates built-in dual linear motors that support Z-axis linear vibration and a small Hall rocker. The L2 and R2 buttons have been transformed into linear analog trigger keys, while the C surface now features additional programmable macro keys, L4 and R4. Furthermore, the device includes a 3-axis gravity sensor and a 3-axis gyroscope, contributing to its ergonomic grip.

Keyboard and Mouse: The handheld has a white backlit keyboard featuring dome buttons and a precise touchpad.

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Overall, GPD Handheld’s GPD WIN Mini aims to provide an exceptional gaming experience with its powerful specifications and thoughtful design elements.

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