Google will Introduce a New Game Mode API for Android 12

Google officially unveiled the Android 12 operating system at this year’s I/O developer conference, bringing new visuals, themes, widgets and more.

However, I/O isn’t the only event Google is breaking out Android news. The Google Game Developers Summit, a two-day event that kicks off on Monday, will bring more information about Android 12.

According to the official leaks, Android 12 will have a “Delivery Space Update” that will improve the experience of downloading games. Officials say:

Users want to open games right away, but as the quality of the games increases, they grow in size, resulting in long download times. We are launching a transformative feature for Android 12 devices that builds on Play Asset Delivery and will share with you the success stories of our partners.

In addition, another keynote will touch on the game API, and Google seems to be working on a new API that will allow games to adjust performance Settings based on user preferences to maximize performance or optimize power consumption.

Gamers want to customize their experience to maximize game frame rate or maximize battery savings. Android 12 introduces new APIs for games that respond to user preferences. Integrate and test your game now to get ready for the upcoming mobile phone.

According to the official “forthcoming phones”, the new game API won’t be available on all Android devices, but we’ll have to wait until we get to the details.

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According to XDA, the new Game Dashboard was first spotted in the Android 12 Developer Preview. The Game Dashboard has a menu for selecting game optimizations, including “Performance,” “Standard,” and “Power Saving.”

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