Google Releases Android 12 Beta 2.1 Update

Google has released the Android 12 Beta 2.1 update. This update fixes some bugs in the earlier Beta 2 release, including the inability to access content on the lock screen.

The specific problems fixed in this update are:

[Bug MC-10886] – Users cannot access the contents on the lock screen, including drop-down notifications, swipe notifications, etc.

[Fixed] Weather and calendar event information does not appear in the gadget

Using gestures to navigate to the nearest app causes the screen to blink or shake.

The new microphone and camera permission indicators introduced in Android 12 sometimes get stuck and disappear completely until the phone reboots.

[Fixed] Error where the user stays in the Setup wizard after installing Beta and resetting the device

Running in the Android emulator is sometimes error-prone.

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The Android 12 Beta 2.1 update released by Google, code-named SPB2.210513.011, will be rolled out to phones that already have Android 12 Beta2 installed.

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