Google home smart speaker: Review of the Nest Audio



Google just released a brand-new Google home smart speaker for its users and it is official! The Google Nest Audio is here to stay and by looking at its release data the smart speaker is sure to be a replacement for many of the older models. Google Nest, the latest addition to Google’s growing collection of smart accessories for modern homes is also supported by its virtual handyman the Google Assistant. A affordable Google home smart speaker with Google Assistant has finally touched the market.




The Google Nest Audio got a blind eye from most tech enthusiasts that made us shocked as the Google icon streaked bundle of melody is quite a streak to both look at and listen to. It is one of the best sounding smart speakers. Without doubt the Google Nest Audio gear is going to be a fore front at Google’s new mission to modernize all homes in the coming years.


what do we know about the Google home smart speaker so far?

The plush sized smart speaker was released to be a replacement for the original Google Home from the year 2016. The Google Home smart speaker with Google Assistant is supposed to be the new go to midrange option for users that are looking for something much more than what the Nest Mini packs but also something that is more affordable than the Nest Max. It has been a good four years since Google released an audio unit for its fans and so far, it looks like everyone is getting their money’s worth this time.


Nest Audio- SKY



The Google home smart speaker does not look “ revolutionary” from the outside as it looks similar to a standard speaker from 5 years ago. But the real magic lies inside with its top of the line audio technology. This is coming from the company that is the leading powerhouse in speech recognition and artificial intelligence. The device looks similar to a loaf of bread courtesy of its rectangular shape and rounded edges.

It matches the design of the Nest Mini and just like its older sibling the Google Nest Audio is completely covered in a fabric. The colour of the module is decided through the fabric and which can be selected according to one’s preference. Inside the speaker are a few LEDs that light upon a command or when the unit responds to a task. The colour palette is quite limited but does have a nice range of contrasting choices; from green, blue, pink to dark and light gray.


Side view of the Nest Audio




Special features of the Google home smart speaker


The smart speaker did get a much needed visual upgrade from its predecessor giving it a more stylish yet simplistic look, but what is new inside is way more impressive than what you can see from its exterior.


  • 75% higher volume

For something that is small enough to fit on a small table or a backpack, the level of decibels this unit is capable of pumping out is quite staggering. That is without any form of audio disfiguration. From the tests and unboxes we have seen so far, and by what Google’s marketing team has given out, the new Google Nest Audio is 50% louder than its previous counterpart. We believe this statement holds true as the unit does have a 19mm tweeter and 75mm mid woofer to buff up its sound. The speaker is quoted to have room filling sound.


  • 50% more bass





The bass is what gives the kick to an audio, it is what makes the difference between a song sounding great and it sounding meh. The Google Nest Audio supposedly has almost 75% more bass thanks to its upgraded hardware and is a party for your ears. This is all thanks to the 19mm tweeter and its 75mm mid woofer which brings all the difference to a music session. Since the bass is supported not only through the software but also through very capable hardware, there is sure to be minimal cracks in audio due to the bass being too much to handle. All of these add up to make it one of the best sounding smart speakers out there.


  • Supports Google Assistant

As expected, Google Nest Audio supports Google’s AI also known as Google Assistant, meaning you can command the unit to do much more than just playing songs. The integration allows you to work with smart home devices. You can pair the Google home smart speaker with google assistant with other smart speakers to create a multi-room/stereo environment, you can even ask the Nest Audio to tell you the weather if you want to.


  • Media EQ and Ambient IQ

Tuning the speaker to suit the audio being played is quite an annoyance especially since it is a task that has to be done pretty frequently, and adjusting the volume to meet the surroundings is also quite a struggle. Both of these common problems are now non-existent thanks to Google Nest’s newest features known as Media EQ and Ambient IQ. Media EQ automatically tunes the speaker to suit the audio that is being played making it one of the best sounding smart speakers to go with. Whether it is a podcast, a song or an audiobook, Media EQ will tune it accordingly. Ambient IQ automatically changes the volume of the Nest Audio to match the surroundings. These smart features make life way easier.


Pricing of the Google Home Smart Speaker

The price of the Nest Audio has been set at $99.99 upon release, matching the price of Amazon’s Echo smart speaker. There have not been any changes made to its price and it is highly likely to stay solid for a good year or so.



How does the Nest Audio fare against competition?

Since the virtual assistant is a key point when comparing smart speakers, the newly released Nest Audio stands a good mile ahead of its competition; mainly the standard Echo by Amazon that is powered by Alexa. So far the only competition the Nest Audio has are its own siblings, namely the Google Home and the Google Home Max. Even though the Home editions are no longer being manufactured by Google, they can still be purchased through retailers worldwide with ease.


With what is released to the public so far and also through our personal tests and rating systems we are able to give the new Google home smart speaker a star rating of 4 out 5.


Our Rating

[rating stars=”4.0″]

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The only reason why we did not give it a full 5 out of 5 is due to the fact that the Nest Audio is not a must buy if you have one of its predecessors. The new smart speaker is definitely an upgrade but, one can easily stick to the earlier versions if needed without losing out a whole ton.