Google adds more AR animals to mobile Search and most of them are pretty cute

Giant AR cat is giant | Google

Google has added 50 new augmented reality animals to Search which can be either cute, or in the case of the giant cat in the photo above, a bit disconcerting. Of course it’s possible that I find the giant kitty menacing because I hate fun (or so I have been told), but I do not think I want that creature to greet me, anywhere, ever, in AR or any other reality.

I do, however, want this red panda to play with a pumpkin in my dining room as long as she wants to.

Kim Lyons/The Verge

Look how cute she is with her little pumpkin

In addition to the red panda and cat, there’s a giraffe, cow, zebra, pig, and hippo among the new creatures you can welcome virtually into your home (or other space, but we’re all homebound…

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