Gold Sheikh – $37,000 phone in honor of Sheikh Zayed


Designing a phone to honor a royal personality has been a regular norm in this country. From the founder of the Qin dynasty in China to the Hung Kings in Vietnam, the Caliph Abu Bakr, King Charles the Great, and Tsar Ivan the Terrible all are part of a group that has a dedicated phone designed to honor them. The latest inclusion in this esteemed group is of UAE’s Sheikh Zayed. The Sheikh was recently honored by the creation of a ‘Gold Sheikh’ by Caviar.


Caviar, a phone brand, has engineered a phone created from Gold through-and-through. The company has named it as ‘Gold Sheikh’. The unique handset comes with a hexagonal design heavily engraved with diamonds. The phone costs a whopping price of $37,670.

According to Caviar, “The phone is designed for modern sheikhs gifted with charisma, nobility, and majesty of the powerful historical personality.” The Gold Sheikh consists of the falcon crest of the UAE, inset with precious stones and contrasting green back color. It weighs 300 grams.

Phones honoring Great Personalities

The phones created to honor such personalities have been designed in accordance with the rich culture of the country. The phones include precious elements, emblems, and hieroglyphs, national ornaments and patterns.

For instance, since Sky Dragon is an important part of the Chinese culture, the phone dedicated to China is decorated with the image of the Sky Dragon. Furthermore, the phone model inspired by Abu Bakr was decorated with the first Shahadah. Likewise, Fleur de Lys is an important part of Roman History, the phone named after Charles the Great is decorated with an image of the Fleur de Lys.

However, only seven of the phones will be released to mark the seven Emirates of the UAE. So if you want to buy one, you’d better get a move on it.