Gocycle’s folding G4 e-bikes promise more power and less noise

Gocycle e-bikes are small but still great for long commutes. | Image: Gocycle

Gocycle, the maker of some of the most eye-catching and adaptable electric bikes on the planet, is back with its fourth-generation e-bike. The G4 series brings a new motor, better tires, lighter carbon-fiber components, and more to improve upon what’s already one of our favorite e-bikes. But before you get too excited, know that the G4 range starts at a suggested retail price of $3,999. The G4, G4i, and G4i Plus models are all available for preorder now.

For the money, Gocycle makes a very premium e-bike that we’ve found to be equally suited to long commutes and multimodal travel due to its compact quick-fold design with wide high-volume tires. That tradition continues with the G4 models.

The new motor is probably my favorite change and…

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