Go read this timeline of how MacKenzie Scott is donating her Amazon wealth

Mackenzie Scott and her ex-husband Jeff Bezos
Mackenzie Scott and her ex-husband Jeff Bezos. | Photo by Jörg Carstensen / picture alliance via Getty Images

It’s no secret MacKenzie Scott has committed some stunning acts of philanthropy of late. She gave surprise gifts totaling $410 million to historically Black colleges and universities in December 2020 alone, adding to the nearly $6 billion she gave away last year.

But a new Bloomberg report makes excellent use of a visual timeline to provide some perspective on just how much more generous Scott has been with her money compared to her ex-husband Jeff Bezos:

Since their divorce in 2019, she’s become one of the most consequential philanthropists of her generation. Scott, who now controls one-quarter of the former couple’s combined wealth of more than $250 billion, gave away almost $6 billion last year to working charities—organizations…

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