Get U6 Subwoofer Portable Sport BT Wrist Speaker at €12.29

With this U6 Subwoofer Portable Sport BT Wrist Speaker, you can enjoy an outstanding stereo sound with an impressive volume no matter where you are. Mini and portable watch/armband design, a perfect partner for outdoor activities.

Buy From CAFAGO at €12.29

U6 Subwoofer Portable Sport BT Wrist Speaker adopts superior material, provides you comfortable wearing feel. Simple and fashionable appearance looks fresh and comfortable. The strap is very long, but it does not slide out of the catch on your wrist. You can enjoy walking, running, driving, cycling, jumping, walking, skateboarding, jogging, camping, and other outdoor activities without having to lug around a big bulky speaker, the ease of having it on your wrist.

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You can easily connect your cell phone with the U6 smartwatch speaker via Bluetooth. The music is loud and clear. You can adjust the sound and songs of the watch speaker anywhere and anytime with your phone. 10m control distance. Compatible with iPhone, Android, cell phone, tablet, and PC with Bluetooth.

IPX4 waterproof level is much more resistant than other waterproof. It is very suitable for outdoor activities such as cycling, running, and hiking. The U6 Subwoofer Portable Sport BT Wrist Speaker has a 420mah battery capacity; charges for 1 hour, and listens to music for 8 hours (volume 60%). 360 ° three-dimensional surround, the non-destructive sound quality is amazing, and the sound is clear as if you were in the scene.

U6 Subwoofer Portable Sport BT Wrist Speaker is so convenient, you can use it in many places to relax your mood, such as: walking in the park, running, jogging, cycling, hiking, trekking, children, marathon, people in the Working on the road, cleaning the house, gardening. We can buy it from CAFAGO at €12.29 in Flash Sale with free shipping.

Buy From CAFAGO at €12.29

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