GameSir G4s Review – A great Bluetooth controller vor Android and PC

As a gamer, sometimes it is necessary or more comforable to use a controller, especially if you like to win. Touch controls on a mobile device or using a keyboard on games, that are optimized for controllers, can be a hard struggle. We tested the GameSir G4s, a Bluetooth controller for Android and PC.

Inside the Box, which looks really nice by the way, you have the controller, a detailed manual, and a USB cable for charging. You shouldn´t throw away the manual, because it is fairly important in the beginning, since it will help you to connect your controller to an android device or a pc. I´ll tell you later why.

The Design and Layout should be very familiar to most Gamers, since it´s very similar to a Xbox controller, but with its own touch in design and texture, which ensures a better grip. The buttons and the analog sticks feel good and are nice in quality. On the bottom, you can find the micro USB slot. The 4-light power indicator shows how much power is left and what also glows ate the buttons on the left side and the home button. With this, while using an android device, you can get back easily to your home screen, and with a PC it interacts basically like the Xbox button, which basically does nothing. You can also not only use the home button to turn on the GameSir G4S, but also to shut it down. If you don’t, the controller will put itself into sleep after 1 minute of disconnection or 5 minutes of no action.

Opening up the smartphone stand, which is located in the middle, and can easily open up for even very big phablets, you can also see the turbo and the clear button. The turbo button ensures in games like bullet hell shooters, that it automatically continuously shoots for you and the clear button disables this feature.

To connect your device, you have to use different kind of home + button combinations depending on the mode you want to use. You can launch it in Game Mode, Android Mode, where you have a mouse to control on the screen, PC mode and so on. For PC you have install the Xbox driver first to make it work. Once connected, which is quite easy to do, for the next time you want to use it in the same configuration, do not press the same combination again, because then it will try to look for a new device. Just press the home button and it will automatically connect itself, as long as the Bluetooth connection of the other device is on. For the beginning you should have a look at the manual for the different connection modes, until you memorize it.

As for the games: On PC pretty much every game, that supports an Xbox controller works without any Problem and the connection is very stable. On Android, some games may have support issues, while many popular games run perfectly fine with the controller. The good thing is, that the manufacturer is adding more and more supported games to the list.

If you are a gamer, and want to step up your game, you won´t go wrong with the GameSir G4S.

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*Every now and then companies and shops asks us, if we´d like to test their products. Of course we don´t say no, if it is something interesting for us and our readers. In this case, we got the product for free. Of course we test them objectively and if we don´t like something about the product or the shop, we will let you know.