Galaxy night light projector: Blisslights Sky Lite review

Galaxy night light projector

Night lights and galaxy projectors have remained a hot topic for quite a while now. It is of surprise to be honest. They are attractive, use less power and look really cool. But as with everything good comes the bad. As it grew in popularity a lot of cheap look alikes have flooded online stores. Therefore buying a Galaxy night light projector online is a real flip of coin; either it is a really good deal or a terrible one. Therefore we decided to show you the original galaxy projector for room that started everything. Here is a review of the patented Blisslights Sky Lite, a cool looking night light for boys.


The packaging 


As we said earlier, we got this through Amazon and not through a chinese company. The product had better packaging than what you would get from the eastern side of the world. But as always, we advise you to check for damages before accepting the delivery. Mostly because this is a device made from plastic and is not really meant to be durable. So any damages done on the outside could always get transferred in.


Unboxing the galaxy night light projector


The contents of the package were pretty standard.It had the typical set of items you would normally get with a night light; nothing really over the top. The whole thing consisted of the light, a 3-foot long adapter cord and also a manual.


We were really glad to have a manual for it. The last night we tried out did not get one and we ended up assembling it wrong. However, there were any such issues this time.


Setting up the galaxy night light projector

Blisslights Sky lite

It was quite easy to set up and did not have any specific instructions that were rocket science. First place the galaxy projector for room on a suitable surface. We advise you to keep it high enough, for example on a table. This is because if it is too low, the surrounding furniture might block its laser. To prevent this, make sure to keep the galaxy night light projector on a flat surface without any obstructions.


Once you find a good spot, all you got to do is connect it to the closest power outlet and bam! You are ready. Of course the light does not pop right on, you have to press the power button first.


Ease of use.


There really is not much to it in terms of operation. The galaxy night light projector is quite straightforward.

The timer on the galaxy projector for room allows you to control how long it runs for. The time however has a limit of a maximum of 6 hours of run-time. That means the galaxy night light projector will automatically power down after 6 hours. Therefore if you need it any longer you have to manually set it up again.


Personal opinions after use

Galaxy night light projector

Kids love this! Which is the main reason why I purchased this night light for boys. It looks cool and also lasts longer than the chinese counterfeits in the market. The kids were able to use this without any difficulty at all after I told them what the buttons do. Which means adults should have no problem using it under any circumstance.


First off all, the cord is way too short. I needed an extra extension line to connect it to the socket on the wall so that it can stand on my bedside table. We do wish that the cord was a bit longer than what is given.


You can not control the speed of its rotation. We did not find this to be a major con but we did put it up here for informative purposes. The image moves at a normal pace and its lack of rotational control is not really a problem when you look at it. If you look at it in a positive way, it makes the whole thing easier to use. That also means that there is less room for your kids to fiddle about with the device and mess it up.


The intensity of the lighting is not too bad. For a galaxy projector for room that doubles up as a night light, it really can not be extremely bright. This would beat the whole purpose of a night light if it keeps you up all night with dazzles and flashes. The galaxy night light projector gives a mellow light that is just bright enough to show you the nebula.


The colour is fixed. It is blue and only blue and it does not change. There are hints of green stars in the blue nebula but a major part of the projected light is blue. If the night light for boys had some more variation in the colours it might have looked a bit better. But we are not complaining about the blue nebula that it shows on the walls, it is truly fascinating.


There were several instances where the night light for boys had switched off before the time ran out. We are not really sure why it did so, but we guess it is a defect that occurs randomly. We really hope they fix this because this was the only technical defect we were able to identify


Our verdict 


The quality of the projections are extraordinary. Mostly due to its patented nebula cloud effect. We did not experience any technical shortcomings other than the issue with the timer running out prematurely. The price of the night light was higher than its Chinese counterfeits which is understandable. Better the quality higher the price. The pros and the cons can be weighed out by reading through our personal opinion on the product tested. Therefore you can form your own idea about the product before purchasing it. We have been using it for around a month and it still works just as fine as the day it arrived.


For our customary rating we give it a 4 out 5. Why? Because of the issue with the timer and the lack of rotational speed control.

[rating stars=”4.0″]

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