Foxconn will build a new electric vehicle for Fisker

Image: Fisker Inc.

iPhone-maker Foxconn has agreed to build electric vehicles for Fisker Inc., the eponymous EV startup of automotive designer Henrik Fisker. In a memorandum of understanding announced Wednesday, the two companies say Foxconn will build Fisker Inc.’s second vehicle, which has yet to be announced and is due out in late 2023.

Fisker told The Wall Street Journal that the companies are considering building the car in the US and that there’s a “very good chance” it may happen at Foxconn’s factory in Wisconsin.

That factory, which former president Donald Trump called the “eighth wonder of the world” at the 2018 groundbreaking event, was originally supposed to be used to build LCD panels. Foxconn had promised a $10 billion investment that would…

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