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Vernee Apollo Review [4k]: The Full Vernee Apollo not the Lite!

Discussion in 'Phone Reviews' started by zijin_cheng, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. This is the Vernee Apollo Review, not the lite version but the full version! Its actually kind of hard to name this because searches keep on pulling up the Vernee Apollo Lite not the New Vernee Apollo or Vernee Apollo Full or whatever name people use to search it by. Anyway, check out the full review and unboxing as well!

    Vernee Apollo New Specifications:
    5.5" 2K LTPS Display
    Helio X25 Processor Deca core
    6GB RAM, 64GB Storage
    21MP/8MP Camera
    Fingerprint Sensor
    3180mAh Battery
    188g, 15.20 x 7.56 x 0.93 cm
    VR Headset Included
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  2. thanks Zi great review as always
  3. Nice review thanks for sharing. I've been thinking of buying this device for some time now to have as a additional phone beside my OP3 :) but there are some other interesting phones now that are better for example UMI Plus E
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  4. aha...you only have the OP3...didn't you upgrade to the OP3t...i did...BIYATCH....LOOOOL
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  5. LOL im not that rich mate :D
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  6. just sell the OP3 and then add a few quid and voila...you have a semi cheap upgrade
  7. naaah i like my op3 :D
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  8. biyatch
  9. hey cleo,why are chinaphonearena banned from XDA...WTF...what did they do...and also surely you can post it as a link via needrom or even if you create an account yourself no...i know that you do not like the forum there...but still it's for the community so maybe worth the sacrifice to create an account
  10. Chinaphonearena is banned from XDA? What did they do?
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  11. i think cleo is confused they are not banned from XDA
  12. nice review mate :) like your channel
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  13. @mrsim :

    Apologies, but I must serve correction. I spelled it wrong.
    Chinaphonearena is not banned. I meant that :

    It is generally not allowed to post links to homepages that require to register to get informations.

    Then, I can not post links of CPA onto XDA.

    Deeply sorry for the misunderstanding.
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  14. thank you cleo for the info
  15. Thanks a lot Stefan, means a lot coming from you.
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