The First True All-in-One 8K 360° VR Camera


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Apr 8, 2018

Are you Fed up of carrying your heavy GSV camera? Do you want to boost your GSV creation efficiency? So you are looking the right post. Pisofttech is launching the First True All-in-One 8K 360° VR Camera.

Highlights of Pilot Era

The First True All-in-One 8K 360° VR Camera.
it allows you to do everything in real-time in the camera, such as monitoring, stitching, preview, publishing, setting adjustment and live streaming.
It shoots 8K panoramic videos and photos and automatically stitches them just inside the camera.
Pilot Era is able to stream 4K panoramic content through its built-in server without a computer.
Pilot Era has built-in ultra-precise GPS and supports one-click upload to Google Maps.
Android-based operating system and Promised regular OTA Updates.
full function USB-C port, Pilot Era adapts to many different peripherals, such as external display, microphone and power bank.
Pilot Era has a super compact structure and weighs only 690g. It fits in any bag or a large pocket.
Pilot Era stores over 6.5 hours of 8K videos or 26000 panoramic photos.
Pilot Era can shoot up to 3.5 hours of 8K video - this is the longest battery life in any pro-level 360°camera.

Official Pilot Era Website

Stay tuned for more news and information.


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Feb 7, 2018
Pilot OS Version 4.4.2 Features Update Info

1. HDR adds several scene selections.
2. Unstitched video supports Auto Level (Beta version).
3. Optimizes compass calibration prompt.
4. The More menu of the photos in the Gallery can be retracted.
5. Fixes the problem that the latitude and longitude value is 0 when there is no GPS signal.
6. Fixes some crashes and stuck issues.

If you want to win Awesome 8K 360 Degree VR Camera worth $2599.
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Apr 8, 2018
Pilot OS Version 4.5.0 Features Update Info

1. Supports Google OSC protocol. You can control Pilot Era camera with Google Street View app.
2. Simultaneous RTMP live-streaming + recording is supported.
3. Fixes the problem that bottom Logo is deflected by 90°.

Source : XDA Forum
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Aug 7, 2020
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