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TechMagnet quietly pass the 200,000 subs on YT

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by mrsim, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. hey everyone,as i am sure that most of you guys n gals know..."TechMagnet" who are this forums admin have just passed the 200,000 subscriber mark on youtube...personaly i think this is pretty amazing considering how much work stefan has put into his tech life...and to balance it all whilst still studying at uni is absoluely amazing
    so if any of you guys here would like to post a congratulation message i am sure it will be very much appreciated
    also if you have not subbed to their youtube channel already please feel free to do so

    congrats stefan & flo for breaking the 200,000 mark...let's see you get past 300,000 before my birthday,(febuary),...:emoji_ok_hand::emoji_ok_hand::emoji_ok_hand:
    [​IMG] upload_2016-11-23_13-30-44.gif upload_2016-11-23_13-31-48.gif
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  2. Congrats Stefan :emoji_clap::emoji_clap::emoji_clap::emoji_clap::emoji_clap:
  3. congratulations Stefan and Flo [​IMG]
  4. Congratulations
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