Supposed Overmax K80 from China, how to flash


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Nov 24, 2018
Hello guys,

I recently bought this Tablet off a China Market, stated that it has a octa core with 4gb of ram and fullhd display.
I realized, that it has some sort of trojan on it and now I just want to install a clean version of android on it, so I tried to figure out, which tablet I have.
Hardware Info Software told me that it is a Overmax K80 with an unknown board, thats why I opened it and tried to check, which components it has but thats the point, where I get lost, since i have no idea. I found "WT_E960_MB_V1.1_20180612" printed on the board itself and a Sticker saying "E960V1.1 YK 18082424, MTK6580/1 + 16/3g/B15, JGH 20180907, Dl_ BT_ MMI_ QC_" on it (Pictures for reference).

Does anybode have a clue, which of these is supposed to be the mainboards name? I googled pretty much everything off of that, but somehow I wasn't able to find anything unfortunately.