No Google Apps on your Smartphone ? Read this !



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May 15, 2015
Hi guys,

Some china phones come without Gapps ! That means you have to install them manually.

Thats because google, youtube and all that shit is mostly blocked in china.

Now here is a quick tutorial on how to install it :

You need:

1) A rooted smartphone with CWM / TWRP recovery

2) Gapps :

If you are not rooted and got cwm, check out that tutorial :

there are a lot of sources for gapps, also on XDA some new beta builds and all that stuff.

Now you just need to connect your phone to the computer and copy the Gapps to your SD card. If you dont have any , copy them to your root of your internal memory.

Now turn off your phone and boot into CWM recovery.

You can do that by holding volume up + power.

When you are in CWM, chose "Apply update from Zip"

1) If you got the zip on sd card, chose external memory

2) if you got the zip on internal memory, chose internal sd.

Now browse for the zip and hit the power button. Accept with yes and wait until Gapps are flashed.

Now just reboot.

You should have all Gapps incl. playstore on your smartphone now