No Google apps on your phone ? read this !



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May 15, 2015
Hey guys,

Many users reported that they don´t have google apps on the phone. In this tutorial i´ll show you how to install them.

You can download the Gapps from here:

but be aware , some packages dont work or crash. You need to find a working one for your phone

1. You need CWM or TWRP installed on your phone. CWM can be flashed via SP Flash Tools , or if you're rooted you can flash through Mobile Uncle. There are several tutorials here in the forum , also for UBIFS.

2. Copy gapps to your SD through USBÂ

3. Boot into recovery (volUp+power or volDown+power. Depending on your phone, it will be one or the other) Or use mobileuncle if you have it installed to boot into recovery

4. Select install from SD from within recovery

5. In recovery, navigate to the gapps .zip on your SD and install.

6. Enjoy your Gapps, but check if they run stable. If not try a different package.
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