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May 15, 2015
Hey guys, i have some news for you.

I got a newer phone here, the leagoo Lead 1.

and if you try to install CWM/TWRP , the usual way, it gets overwritten after the first boot!!!!!

If you can see the attached warning in mtk droid tools (ATTENTION), your recovery (CWM) will get overwritten after you reboot

I will try some things and post then a short guide on how to bypass that.

MRSIM edit/method below

what you will need first : ROOTED DEVICE,BUSYBOX by stericson,ES FILE EXPLORER

follow this guide below...but first i would install 'busybox' by stericson & 'es file explorer' from the store,open busy box grant it root access and then just install it and done nothing open 'es file explorer' go to the three line menu inthe top left,navigate to 'tools' and enable 'root explorer' and grant root access when it asks next enable 'show hidden files' once that is all done exit the here is where it gets a little tricky this device has a script written into it that makes the stock recovery overwrite a custom recovery when does this for security purposes so i would advise you to first open up es file explorer,next follow this guide below

"The reason your stock recovery system keeps getting overwritten at Android startup is because of a script that is being run. All you need to do is either rename this script or simply delete it"

"Please keep in mind that if you restore your stock ROM, this script will be restored with it so you will have to rename or delete it again

Do the following:
Make sure your device is powered on and running normally,

Make sure you have rooted your device and that you have all of the necessary permissions in order to manipulate system files. (this is why you enabled 'root explorer' in es file explorer to allow these permissions and also why you had to install 'busybox')

In the root file system go to \system\etc (in es file explorer click on 'homepage' next to the three line menu you used earlier choose 'device' next open 'system' folder next open 'etc' folder in there you will see the script 'install' just delete it,this is the file/script which is causing the CWM/TWRP recovery you are going to install to be over written once you have done this you can then flash the CWM/TWRP img)

Thats all there is to it.

Please keep in mind that you will need to flash your custom system recovery one more time after deleting the script file.After that, reboot away and you will always be able to get back into your new system recovery.

another alternative method which also sometimes works is to reboot the device directly into recovery mode the normal way BEFORE you reboot the system in theory this should bypass the script we removed above...if this does not work then simply use the method above,if for any reason you do not boot directly into recovery and instead boot into the system the script will kick in and you will have to re-flash the recovery file again

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Mar 1, 2014
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very basicly the developer/seller has modified the rom so that a custom recovery will not stick...the wanker

let's hope you find that fix steven...and it is only mtk6582...????