Need help with my ulephone be touch 2 (screenbug)...."SOLVED"


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Mar 1, 2014
London UK
Probably the ROM from ulefone.

 I have something to say tho.  When flasing the Ulefone ROM , no need to take the custom boot. Just the lk file wich contain the proper graphics drivers will be OK and the phone will boot just fine.



i have received the update via OTA. You still look on an older version of the rom. After flashing I received a notification to update 

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Mods, would you be able to put the solution at the top of the page or something easy for others to unbrick their Be Touch 2 lol ?
i will mark the thread as solved and pin it in the tutorial or rom uploads/downloads section...don't listen to them two...they are having forum sex...LOL
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