Need help unlocking disabled bands on HOMTOM HT20 4G LTE IP68 MT6737 Quad Core


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Nov 10, 2016
I'd like to be able to use the HOMTOM HT20 4G LTE IP68 MT6737 Quad Core on Verizon USA.

Is this possible?

I have MTK Engineering app installed. Inside MTK Settings > Telephony > BandMode > Sim1 (Verizon SIM installed) there is a huge list of bands. Some are available and checked while many are gray and not selectable. I'm pretty sure I need to use ones that are grayed out.

Can't I install a Verizon radio/antenna? Years ago I had a Samsung Galaxy Note (first version) from ATT. I unlocked it, added a T-Mobile radio and it worked on T-Mobile fine. I don't recall needing to get so specific with selecting bands.

So is this possible with the HOMTOM HT20 to work on Verizon's network?

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Mar 1, 2014
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hey keegan...if only it were so simple...most china phones will not connect to USA 4G LTE networks,and also 3G as well...2G no problem,this is because of the region bands allocated to each continent and for some unknown reason chinese manufacturers decided not to provide these radios into their hardware...odd i top it off,it is rare to see a chinese manufacturer release source code for each device because mediatek do not allow this unless you pay through the roof make the request from two different buisness's etc's long and boring
in the west google offer that all manufacturers conform to the GPL which means that they must release the source code for their that third party developers can work on them...that's why we see custom roms a'plenty for qualcomm based western devices and only ported roms for mediatek devices,have a look at the 2 links below for more info on world network coverage

as for unlocking yours and attempting to add another devices radio...i doub't you will have the opportunity to do so with a hom tom device

and use this link before deciding to purchase a device from china

also this great youtuber reviews lots of china phones in america and maybe you will find something you link from his reviews
Nov 20, 2014
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bands can be unlocked through source code or through rom update but the bands are not provided by manufacture of smartphone but they have to buy it from soc supplier like mediatek or Qualcomm it can be even done through writing source which is practically not possible.
the best solution is to buy the smartphone which is having the required bands according to you service provider as Verizon
HOMTOM HT20 doesn't support
Verizon 4g only 2100 MHz band is supported that means your phone 4g with Verizon works in regions having 2100 MHz
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Oct 9, 2017
Hey all,
I would love to know if you guys figured out how to get the HomTom working in the U.S.
I have a HT20 pro that I would love to have running on any carrier.
Do you get 4g on T-mobile? wahts your location? i'm in Upstate NY.
might just have to switch to TM...