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Need Firmware CARBAYSTAR T805S MT8752 32GB ROM Android 6.0

Discussion in 'China Tablets General' started by Lobothefoots, Jan 4, 2017.

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    Hello people, if anyone can save my life, I bricked my tablet, flashing by mistake another ROM while I wanted to backup this tablet.
    The seller won't provide the stock ROM. The manufacturer site is ghost, tried the email address, gmail servers said it is disabled.

    So here I am asking for help. I'm willing to try anything you throw at me.

    Motherboard reference: ST101_MB_V1.1


    Real device specs are 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, MT6735V
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  2. just from looking at the link you provided i can see that this device may well be a scam...it's listed in the title as android 6.0 but if you scroll further down to the spec description you can see they also list it as having android 5.1...Mmmm a typo...maybe but from aliexpress i doubt it...if this device does have 4G LTE i would recomend attempting to find it's name via the IMEI numbers follow this tutorial below and see what comes up

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  3. Well thank you for your answer, I will try that tonight.
    It was an android 6.0 alright, I don't need the 4G so I didn't try it.
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  4. checking if it actually has 4G is a good way to also check if it's really what the seller claims it is...if it does not allow access to 4G LTE there is a good chance that the spec list has been spoofed and the CPU,(mtk65xx) is not as advertised
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    I looked everywhere and there is no IMEI anywhere. I opened the tablet, one chip is enclosed, I found a lot of infos.

    Chip 1: MT6735V

    Chip 2: SAMSUNG 341
    I researched chip 2 specs, it is a SAMSUNG 2GB RAM chip

    Chip3 : BARUN
    eMMC 16GB

    Chip4: MT6625LN
    this chip supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM

    Chip5: MT6328V
    this chip is the power management chip

    There are markings on the motherboard:

    On the main sticker:
    S101wp_35u_m_vFRZ00001 BLDB4

    Etched on the motherboard:
    Front: ST101_MB_V1.1
    Back: S106BA-V1.1 PD:3M10B

    What can the experts tell me with this infos?
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  6. ok the IMEI numbers could be either on the box that it shipped with or maybe a sticker that you peeled off of the thing when it first arrived...but just from you mentioning that the device has a mt6735 that is all i need to know....this is your SoC,(cpu),in that link it says mt8752 so as i guessed this devics specs have been spoofed to show different specs in any produced third party app lists like antutu or cpu-z applications...i would also guess that the ram sizes maybe spoofed as well and there will be less inside then advertised
    it is imperative that the seller over at aliexpress sends you a stock rom...point this out to them in an email communication and make sure that you screen shot the mail with the days date and everything,inform them that if they do not send you a stock rom you will be reporting them to aliexpress for false advertising,(this works better if you have an official aliexpress account),they should have access to a rom
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  7. Thanks for your reply.
    Well now I don't know what to do.

    At best I can have a working "spoofed everywhere" tablet (faked free ram, faked free space, faked processor...)
    to ask for a refund.

    Do you know if this type of scammer refund to avoid bad publicity??
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  8. how did you pay...with an aliexpress account or with a credit card....it really all depends on the seller and aliexpress...if you purchased this device 3/6 months ago then you will receive no refund...if before that then you should be ok to get a refund maybe or at least create a dispute
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  9. I did not use alipay but my credit card, I received it december 26
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  10. WTF...your credit card company will reimburse you the money if you showed them this miss matched hardware advertising info...wow so you just bought it then...i would contact the seller...inform them of the specs you found,(do not tell them that you took it apart),and request either a replacement device or a full refund...and stay away from no-name products like this...remember always only purchase devices that you have seen reviewed on youtube that have a link to a reputable seller
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  11. Thanks for your advices.
    Well, when you open a dispute on aliexpress you need to give photo proof of your claims. I will have to show the chips else it is my word against the seller.
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  12. hI Lobothefoots

    I bought a device of exactly the same appearance, also called T805s, with Carbaystar manufacturer.
    The attached image is MTK droid tools for my tablet.
    As you can see, it is not possible to back up the partitions. I also could not do a "dd if = xxx of = xxx" command from adb because it is not a rooted device.
    If there is a way, that you know, to make the firmware backup, let me know and I can send you the image files, without root

    Attached Files:

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    Hi, mapelo

    This device is in reality a MT6735, you may have to modifiy droidtool.ini to make the number 8752 and 6735 match
    I read somewhere that you can modify the droid tool ini to accept the chipset it doesn't recognise

    Did you try that?
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  14. ok guys just so that you know...there is no way that mtk droid tools will work with the newer chipsets...the developer stopped working on it after mtk6592 SoC was produced i will research a way to attempt to get a full backup using another method and get back to you
    well it's worth a try you can say that you took it to a third party shop to see if they could fix it and that they found that the specs didn't match the hardware and gave you photo's as proof...that may work
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    I know it is a mt6735 soc. The /system/build.prop includes "ro.product.device=s101_mt6735m_35u_m".
    The changes you propose into MTKdroidTools.ini, I tried it. DonĀ“t work because it`s a new chipset for an old software (mrsim is right). I think there is a problem with gpt partitions.

    So, as it is not possible to create the scatter file with MTK Droid Tools, it is not posible to backup each partition with SP Flash tool.

    I know partitions can be copied with a rooted device, but first I want a rom stock copy
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  16. now there is a way to do this without root i think...it also involves using readback method using sp flash tools and ADB with copying system files...the only problem is
    1) getting the correct scatter file to use,(i think you can use any mtk6735 scatter file all you have to do is modify it using notepad++),
    2) learning how to get the partition sizes correct within the scatter file so's that you can flash without issues
    am going to contact a friend over at XDA who may have more solutions will post here when i get any answers please be patient it may take a few days
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  18. great find...now my friend over at XDA has created a program which will make a full dump of the stock rom but only with a custom recovery which seems available in the link above in #7 of the XDA link...so it's now up to @mapelo if he/she is willing to flash the TWRP file and create a backup for you

    here is his thread
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  19. @mapelo I hope you will succeed to backup the stock rom with these tools. Please let us know the results (even if it fails)
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  20. I opened a dispute @Aliexpress, this is the seller answer:

    This is not my product, you don't upload my pictures Would you please provide IMEI video of my products I tested every product before shipping,and each product has IMEI, IMEI is an unique code,we take testing video for each tablet pc,the distinguish standard is IMEI please ask the buyer to provide IMEI and press *#06#,i will send you the testing video of the corresponding IMEI please pay your attention to it
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