MTK6589 MTK6577 MTK6575 COM Auto Driver Pack


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May 15, 2015
This application will install USB com port drivers for MediaTek devices as listed here.

Brought to you by :
Chinaphonearena !

You can try this if you have problems by installing the drivers manually.

1."VID_0E8D&PID_0003" (FeaturePhone & Smartphone BootROM - MTK USB Port)

2."VID_0E8D&PID_0023&MI_00" (FeaturePhone - MTK USB Modem Port)

3."VID_0E8D&PID_0023&MI_02" (FeaturePhone - MTK USB Debug Port)

4."VID_0E8D&PID_2000" (SmartPhone - Preloader USB Port)

5."VID_0E8D&PID_2001" (SmartPhone - DA USB Port)

6."Vid_0E8D&PID_2006&MI_02" (SmartPhone - Kernel Gadget USB port, Please customize your kernel VID/PID)


"Vid_0E8D&PID_200a&MI_02" ( Credits to Damian Parsons )
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