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Lenovo K5 note (K52e78) stuck on meta mode screen, even after flashing with stock rom

Discussion in 'Hardware & Software Support.' started by chukwuma, Feb 17, 2017 at 9:54 AM.

  1. I have flashed with stock rom and still stuck on the "have been in meta mode, long press the power button and the normal boot"...can be recognized by sp flash tools. Please i need help as the phone is barely a week old.

    It started with the power button & vol down not responding, after a restart...the have been in meta mode, long press the power button and the normal boot appeared.

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  2. hello my friend can you be more specific on what the problem is with your device,also are you 100% sure that it is a real lenovo and not a clone...?
    you can use THIS TUTORIAL to check and see if the device is registered as a real lenovo
    also if you have managed to flash an official stock rom and you are stuck in a boot loop try booting into recovery mode and wipe data factory reset...sometimes this will help the device boot after flashing a rom
  3. It first started by the POWER & VOL down keys not responding, then i tried rebooting, it was after the phone rebooted that it went into "have been in meta mode, long press the power button and the normal boot". Several reboots did not pass the meta mode screen, then i tried deleting user data from recovery screen, but it still did not pass the meta mode screen. I later downloaded an android v5.1 stock rom for k52e78 vibe note from (http://www.needrom.com/download/lenovo-k52e78/ & http://www.needrom.com/download/lenovo-k52e78-k5-note/), but still the same issue (not passing the meta mode screen).

    Computer can detect the phone as well as SP flashing tools.

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  4. Mmmm...odd ok may i suggest attempting to first flash a custom recovery from needrom there should be a TWRP available for that device,next if you have one install an ex sd card the recovery should be able to see it or at least mount it to see it,next try adding a custom rom onto the ex sd card with your p.c. and then flashing this rom through the custom recovery...if the rom boots and works then it will tell us that this is a software problem...if we have the same issue then it maybe a hardware problem and then i would advise that you return the device for replacement
  5. I will try to download a custom rom and try out like you adviced.

    But what will be the outcome if i try formatting the whole flash using SP flash tools under "format"?
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  6. ok there are 2 options when you format....'auto format' and 'full format'...auto format will not format your bootloader/preloader whereas full format will wipe everything....auto is the option you should choose never use full format only as a last resort as once you wipe the bootloader/preloader attempting to reconnect to a p.c. can be extreemly hard and in some cases impossible which will leave you with a brick ...so never ever use full format...only as a lasyt resort

    now why you are thinking of formatting the device i do not know...it realy doesn't need it ATM just try installing the custom recovery once it's installed flash a rom and lets see what working and whats not

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