iPhone 6 Plus Activation Problem.


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Aug 12, 2016
Hi China-Devices.. I know help is mostly, if not entirely, offered for China devices problems but hip you bare with me. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, details in this Screenshot (13).png image, the device was working fine until I had it reset, upon turning on, it couldn't activate succesfully, this IMAG0341.jpg was the error I was getting and even iTunes couldn't activate it as it was also giving me this Screenshot (14).png error.. I tried to force restart the device, I tried to restore and update the firmware to iOS 12.3.1(Not downloaded with iTunes) using the .ipsw file in iTunes, the firmware updated successfully but still coulddn't activate.. IS THERE A WAY TO FIX MY DEVICE? WHAT SHOLUD I DO? PLEASE ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED...