HUAWEI MediaPad T3 7 wont boot, corrupt mmcblk0boot0 & mmcblk0boot1


New Member
Oct 8, 2019
Hello, first post here so bear with me on any errors please. I have a Huawei bg2-w09 that won't boot as boot0 & boot1 have been erased, zeroed or somehow not accessible. To be honest, it was a bungled bootloader unlocking expedition that resulted in said tragedy. I have board firmware but none of the packages I've been able to find have an auth file or DA file. All of my attempts with SPFTool, MiracleBox, TFM Tool and probably a dozen more have ended the same with an error in reference to secure base-band and or *.auth file. It is still recognized by PC but lshw output looks strange to me (although I don't know what I'm looking at) it just looks slow (see attached). Some things I was about to forget: MT8127 Soc, bootloader locked, twrp in recovery partition, twrp also in e-recovery partition and it had root access via Magisk but don't know if it would have survived at this point or not. If anyone has a possible solution to getting DA & authentication files or a way to side-step secure boot I could sure use some help.