How to remove junk and bloatware from your chinaphone !


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May 15, 2015
Sup guys !

Here comes another tutorial on the Debloater from ! All credits go to gatesjunior and the crew !


I nor XDA are responsible for anything that you choose to do with this program to your device or others. Modifying my code or redistributing it is not allowed without prior approval from me. Yes, that includes Kanging it, I will be able to tell. Neither is trying to use any of my code to create an apk file with my code logic allowed without prior approval from me.
So with this tool you can easily remove junk and malware from your chinaphone or any android jellybean or kitkat device.

For jellybean you NEED ROOT !

For Kitkat you DONT NEED ROOT !

Here is the download link :

Link to XDA with pics :

Video Tutorial :
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