How to format your Phone with SP-Flashtool !


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May 15, 2015
Hey guys,

Here is just a quick guide on how to format your phone with SP-flashtool.

If you get PMT error you may have to format (check out our error code list)

You can format your phone with SP-flashtool, the download link is also in our phone tutorial section.

Now first of all, you should have a working preloader driver on your PC.

1) Run Sp-flashtool and load scatter. Please use the latest one ( V 5.1x )

2) Go to format Tab.

3) Chose auto-flash and format except bootloader (to make sure the phone will still be detected properly after the format)

4) Press Start.

5) Connect phone (Depends on the phone, mostly powered off without battery, some powered off with battery inserted !)

6) bar will fill up - wait until green cycle. After that you are done and you can disconnect the phone safely.

Validation does not have to be ticked.

If you get an error while formatting, make sure the scatter file is the correct one and try to connect with holding volume up or down. and try to keep it pressed until the bar fills up.
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Mar 19, 2014
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Nice and easy explanation as always 

Although on my HDC S5 I had to press "Format" then press and hold VOL+ on phone - plug USB into laptop, then press "Home" button - keeping the VOL+ and Home button pressed while the Green bar filled up 

Just thought I would mention it in case it was needed?