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Help with iphone i7 6582 ROM NEEDED.. MTK DROID TOOL INCLUDED

Discussion in 'General' started by azanzane, Feb 17, 2017 at 3:22 AM.

  1. Hello there,

    i bought this iphone off DHGATE and i think i got scammed.. the phone is stuck at black screen and i cant do anything

    i need ios 10 rom or actually any rom that works on it .. included is a snapshot of MTK Droid Tool

    Thank you


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  2. ok if you managed to get this device connected to mtk droid tools did you not make a backup...?
    also there is a chance that the device specs could also be spoofed and even mtk droid tools will not see this if the SoC is mtk6571 as this chip type was never configured to work with mtk droid tools...hopefully your device specs are true to this pic you posted and finding a rom will be simple,can you tell us when you connected the device did you see any other info on the opposite page of mtk droid tools with any warnings in red font regarding 'UBIFS'
  3. Unfortunately now my phone is bricked and droid tools doesn't even recognize it ..
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  4. this ROM worked but it's in vitnamese and it's laggy and network doesn't work so i cant get calls or texts

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  5. well glad something works...at least you know the device is recoverable...i would not create a backup of this rom with mtk droid tools just for safe keeping and also if maybe later you need this backup to help create a port or jst to revivie the device....next you can then try difdferent roms and see if another one will work

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