Getting data off an unknown MKT based phone

Dec 30, 2015
Hello all,

This is not a question, just sharing my experience. It may be useful for others.


Limited distribution phone for a specific carrier in The Netherlands has a broken screen, USB debugging not enabled lock screen enabled and valuable data on it. How to recover this data?

Dead ends:

ADB was not available, so I could not use that to make a backup

I could not unlock to phone in order to mount it as mass storage device

OTG not available for this phone, so no luck connecting a USB mouse to unlock

Solution that worked:

I opened the case and looked on the PCB, which chips were soldered on it and found out it was an MT6577.

I downloaded a random MT6577 scatter file for the famous SP flashtool.

I used this scatter file and the SP flashtool to readback a large chunk of data.

I fed this chunk of data into testdisk on my ubuntu machine and recovered some files. One of the files was the last_log file in the recovery folder in the catch partition, this gave me enough information to make a proper scatter file.

I used this scatter file and the SP flashtool to readback the FAT partition (SD_Card) and the data partition, so I could retrieve the phone numbers, txt messeges, photo's etc. on the phone.

For making the scatter file, please compare the last_log and scatterfile in the attachment.


Hope this is useful for someone...



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