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Gearbest Mobile Phone Christmas Promotion

Discussion in 'Gearbest.com' started by jerzyjerzy, Dec 13, 2016.

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  1. jerzyjerzy

    By:jerzyjerzyDec 13, 2016

    Nov 15, 2016
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    Gearbest starts its Christmas promotion earlier this year, from 12th Dec to 20th Dec. This time Gearbest hosts the event with vkworld, providing 6 models for extremely low prices. More importantly, 5 pieces of 3 models are offered at just $9.9 everyday at 09:00 (UTC) from 12th Dec to 18th Dec.


    All 6 models are:
    1. Vkworld Stone V3 Max--$28.99, IP68 water-proof, Michelin rubber exterior, 5300mAh battery, power-bank function, free LED light;
    2. Vkworld Stone V3 Plus--$24.99, IP54 water-proof, BOX HiFi speaker, 4000mAh battery, best signal reception, free LED light;

    Video of speaker comparison among vkworld Stone V3 Plus, HTC 10, iPhone 7 Plus:

    3. Vkworld Stone V3S--$18.99, daily water-proof, BOX HiFi speaker, FM Radio, zinc alloy frame;
    4. Vkworld Stone V3--$35.99, IP67 water-proof, 5200mAh battery, power-bank function, free LED light, free OTG cable;
    5. Vkworld Diamond Z2--$27.99, flip phone, big font, SOS calling, loud speaker;
    6. Vkworld F1--$48.99, MT6580 quad-core processor, 8MP+5MP camera, front and back camera flash, 4.5 inch IPS display.

    Gearbest promotion is here: http://www.gearbest.com/promotion-vk-special-1065.html
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