Fix if you cant install preloader driver. ( +Devices with Internal battery)



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May 15, 2015
Hi, i just wanted to show you a quick method on how to install preloader if it doesnt show up ( Thats only if you still have stock preloader on a NON BRICKED phone).

1. Shut down your phone or prepare for cold start if you are in bootloop

2. Run SP Flash Tool (latest version) and navigate to Memory Test tab

3. Check RAM Test and Data Bus Test ONLY, all other checkboxex must remain clear, than push Start button. DO NOT CHECK EMMC Test! BEcause EMMC will wipe YOUR EMMC !! DONT DO IT !

4. Connect your phone (which is still OFF) and PC with USB cable, afterwards new hardware found wizard should popup. If you installed drivers it should be automatically found, if not, you still may install drivers manually, respectably to device type and OS you are using.

therefore you need to be very very fast. Quickly open "ports" right click and go to install/update driver software and install drivers manually(point to folder)

5. Once driver setup is finished, SP Flash Tool will show green circle as signal that RAM is tested and it's ok. If you see red circle RAM is nok.

If bootloop or internal battery :

1. Press and hold power button and vol - button together and keep pressed. After 8 sec (when phone turns off) release power button but keep pressed volume - for few seconds more, than release it. Now your phone should stay off.

2. Connect to USB and wait for charging battery few seconds than unplug USB. Now your device is in COLD START state.

3. Now (from cold start state) press volume + and power button at same time, and after phone turns on release power but keep volume + pressed untill recovery loads than restore NAND backup if you have TWRP installed.


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Dec 5, 2014
hi there!, , i Just want to ask, before i have read this forum I ran a memory test on sp flashtool and I checked it all including the EMMC test, , and I have an error (see pic.).is there any way to fix this? thanks
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