Find Your Device Info From Your IMEI Number!


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Mar 19, 2014
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Hi Guys

I noticed there have been quite a few people on the forum who for whatever reason have managed to screw up their device, and can no longer connect to MTK Droid Tools, and as such cant get the phone specs and info.

Most of us don't write down this stuff when we connect to Droid Tools, and it is only after getting things messed up that we suddenly need to work out what specs we have.

Or it could be a simple case that some of you have been given a phone from someone who broke it, and you wanna fix it but dont know anything about the device so cant really start searching from any compatible Roms to flash in order to "TRY" and get the thing back to life.

Well you can try using this website

Its very simple, just check on the outside of the box for the IMEI number, or if you have no box, then look under the battery for the number, once you have this, just type it into the box on the website, and this "Should" give you some basic info to get you started on the road to recovery

This is of course going to be based on the assumption that the IMEI number is genuine though (fake phones can have spoofed IMEI numbers, so it may tell you that you have an iphone when you know its a Samsung S5)

Some of you may also have "Blacklisted" IMEI numbers, in this case the IMEI number may come back as "Invalid"

But give it a go, you have nothing to lose
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Mar 1, 2014
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do you have a link to where you bought the device...? try contacting the seller maybe
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