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Dragonica Mobile: The Dragonians Reborn

Discussion in 'Android Apps, Games and more' started by dkmtaukhua123, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. dkmtaukhua123

    By:dkmtaukhua123Jul 17, 2017
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    Jul 3, 2017
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    ■ Play together with friends in the new Multi-Player stage Real-Time.

    ■ Fight to conquer the fearsome Path of Heroes tower.

    ■ Challenge your skills in Guild War and 3vs3.

    ■ Get special items from Online Reward by staying in-game.


    ■ Enjoy tons of quests via Event Board and get FREE treasure! Playpark proudly present the ultimate Action RPG Side-Scrolling fighting game which continues it's success from the PC into a full Smartphone version with all familiar features and design! DRAGONICA MOBILE FEATURES

    ■ Comes with simple controls and Auto-Play system for the ease of mobile and portable gaming.

    ■ Venture into a astonishingly vibrant 3D fantasy world. Embark on the journey to defeat the evil dragon Elga.

    ■ Role-play as your favourite Dragon Hero classes: Warrior, Magician, and Thief!

    ■ Special Skills development and upgrades to series of Combo attacks with a variety of weapons to choose from.


    ■ Challenging Missions and Quests to hunt for Exclusive Prizes, Super rare Weapons and Armory!

    ■ Fight for glory and honor in the daily Non-Stop Battle League system to prove yourself as the Strongest Dragon Hero in the virtual world.

    ■ Customize your character's appearance in your own style with more than 200 customizables. ■ Have your cute Pets to accompany you on your adventure. Evolve them to a higher rank to strengthen your attack and defense.

    ■ Fun with your Facebook friends by inviting them to play and challenge them in PvP to win a Special Rewards. Download Dragonica Mobile and start playing today. Welcome new friends with special events and a ton of rare items.

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