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Doogee x5 max pro ROM NEED

Discussion in 'ROM Requests' started by cyboorgpl, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Hello, I really need custom rom for doogee x5 max pro mt6737. i need rom like RR , CM, Aosp or miui.
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  2. so why don't you attempt to port one then...???

    at the moment there only seem to be custom recoveries available HERE over at needrom...seems there is yet to be anyone who has managed to bother to build a rom for it yet
  3. i already working on port to this phone but i am just begginer, and i dont know enough about porting to do it well.
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  4. ok well i would try to get some advice from our forum expert on porting @cleopatra81 i am sure if you ask nicely she will help you and advise with porting a rom onto that device,if you go to our ROM/uploads downloads section you will see many ports available from her for other devices
  5. Here I have the ports on the Max Pro, the camera is only api2 mode shoots video through Camu, not working gps
    Builds for testing
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    please can you be more specific on what you are trying to say...thank you....if you are posting your own ported roms then please create a new thread in 'rom uploads/downloads' section...thank you
    if you do post roms here you must give a full list of the device,the rom,what's working and what is not...also if possible please provide links to any custom recoveries that are needed to flash the rom,any instructions for backing up all data/imei etc before flashing rom...basicaly everything needed like on any other forum...thank you

    EDIT: i have now seen your uploads for the roms HERE...are they your personal ports or are you posting someone else's work...?
  7. These all ROMs I personally porting of Helium 55
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  8. nice awesome work @Kaco1324
  9. thank you very much
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  10. By the way I have started YunOs time being but it is not at all camera and fingerprint , and untranslated
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