Changing Boot Animation



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May 15, 2015
Sup Dudes,

Heres just a quick guide on changing the boot animation.

you can find some cool animations on

The downloaded file must be called

Now you need to replace this with the stock one on your phone.

For that you need :

Rooted access to access internal phone memory !

Root Explorer or ES file explorer (FREE) on your PC

1) Connect phone to pc and copy bootanimation to internal memory or SD

2) Open ES file explorer, grant root, and open path to

3) Move “†in the “/system/media†Using Root Explorer.

Phone memory has to be mounted ! /system/media .You can Do It By Pressing Mount R/W Button On the Top of Root Explorer. (you just need it if you cant access it)

4) Set correct permissions !

press for a longer time and select permissions.

make sure its RW-R-R

owner Read write

group read

others read

Now you can restart and enjoy the new bootanimation !

Also you can use from another dumped custom rom
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