Carbayta S119 X20 ROM / Installing


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Nov 25, 2019
Hello together,

well lets say I am kinda frustrated as I already searched for weeks. I can't figure out how to root my device properly. (Already rooted several other android devices without problems)

I bought a MTK6797 S119 (version X20).

Tried all tools I can imagine.

Meanwhile I contacted seller over and over again. They informed a "technican" to help me with my problem. After several mails they send me a file including all nescesary data (ROM)

But its packed as a .rar file and I am freaking out that I'm not able to get this installed.

I'll edit this post later to post the "specdevice" link for all information given.

Just added a picture of the "file" send to me.

**As additional information --> I hate windows :) . Mostly using MAC, may thats why i'm stuck with that**

I'd really appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance