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Advertise on China-Devices.com

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by itxtutor, Feb 20, 2016.

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  1. itxtutor

    By:itxtutorFeb 20, 2016
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    May 15, 2015
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    Happy new year!
    We wish you all the best and a successful 2016. 2015 was awesome, ChinaDevices grew from 30.000 to more than 63.000 registered users. Currently we record 9900 unique visits per day which result in almost 300.000 unique visits per month. Pageviews stack up to 1.500.000 - 2.000.000 per month.This huge demand comes in hand with great traffic and exploding server costs aswell as running costs for maintenance and security , that is why we give you now the opportunity to advertise your shop/website on our platform.

    Please remember, we will check every shop before we accept your application. We are responsible for our community and only accept legit shops.

    For Price enquiries please contact us under ads@china-devices.com

    Advertising Offer:

    1. Seller Section/Subforum

    This is your unique opportunity to establish a close connection with your customer and many
    more. This offer includes:

    • Own Section under Seller Section
    • A Verified “TrustedSeller Account
    • Unlimited threads and posts in your Section

       2. Different Banner Option

    a picture is worth a thousand words, place a banner today and attract potential customer

    • Top Header Banner (3) (300px x 90px)
    • Bottom Footer Banner (3) (300px x 90px)
    • Sidebar Banner (6) (260px x 170px)
    • Postbit Banner (300px x 90px)

    (amount available) (resolution)

    Price reduction:

    • pay 3 months in advance, get 3% discount
    • pay 6 months in advance, get 6% discount

    Payment possibilities: Paypal, WireTransfer

    We look forward to hear from you!
    If you are interested in sponsored videos/ product reviews on our YouTube channel (146k subs upto 2mio views per month) You must be registered to see links - Please Register or Login! , please get in touch  with us on review@itxtutor.com .
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